Drain Lining

Trenchless Sewer Repair Methods Explained

Eventually, every homeowner will have to deal with replacing or repairing their sewer pipe. Fortunately the days of digging up your beautiful garden or that new driveway you put in last year are now a thing of the past. Thanks to new advances in sewer pipe repair technology, you can replace or repair your sewer line without the nightmare of destroying your garden, porch, garage, or driveway.

It is not always evident on the surface that you may have cracks or roots in your drains. Depending how bad they are upon diagnosis, specialist repairs are available in particular drain lining. Dream Drains believe excavation is a last resort and through knowledge, can expertly repair your drains without the need for excavation work.

No Digging Or Excavation

Dream Drains have the specialist equipment to repair and renew damaged drains with our specialist drain relining service.

‘No-dig’ technology allows us to repair damaged drains, sewers and pipes without having to excavate and cause mess and disruption.

A re-lined drain achieves a ‘good as new’, permanent structural repair, with a seamless finish that is guaranteed to restore the flow of your drainage system and renew it to its original condition.
To get an idea of how our drain maintenance service could benefit your home or business, please call today on 0800 599 9995 where a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

Drain Lining & Relining

Drains, sewers and pipes that are structurally defective and damaged lead to severe issues such as restricted flows, water egress and repeated blockages. Our drain relining service restores the integrity to your system with minimal mess and disruption and will save you money on costly excavation work.